Medical Consultation

ENT-Opinion regarding diseases related to Ear, Nose, Throat (Infection s,cancer, tumours etc) is provided by experienced ENT SPECIALIST. Minor procedures like wax removal, foreign body (ear, nose, throat) removal, ear lobe repair etc are done here. Endoscopic procedures and major and micro surgeries are done in nursing home and Pvt hospitals by the surgeon.

Expert Team: Dr. Aditi Deb (ENT Specialist)

Neurosurgery-Expert opinion for any disease related to brain and spinal cord is available by experienced Neurosurgeon.

Expert Team: Dr.Sumit Deb (NEUROSURGEON)

Online Consultation is available. Please call +91 98312 53915

Yoga Pranayam

Yogasanas and Pranayam are again very effective way of attaining balance between body mind and spirit and that is the need of the hour.It is very helpful in dealing stress, anxiety, depression and in anger management. we can provide classes for corporates,doctors, paramedics, police and students.

Online Consultation is available. Please call +91 98312 53915

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing can be used not only for physical and mental ailments but it can also be used for relationship and financial issues. It can be done in person or distant healing can also be done. Twin heart meditation as taught by Grand Master Choa kok sui (Founder of Pranic healing) is a very powerful and effective yet simple meditation. Children as young as 10yrs can do this. We teach this in groups, for schools, colleges, corporates, hospitals and in residential complexes as well. As Master says -

Online Consultation is available. Please call +91 98312 53915


Meditation are also being taught as per requirement.

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